29 June 2001

POINTS OF ORIGINS: Creationist Answers to Honest Questions

by Dr. Glenn Jackson

Why God Won't Go Away: Brain Science and the Biology of Belief is a book about the new finding that certain areas of the brain are associated with times of prayer. The authors say that explains away why we have this "spiritual urge," when really there is no God. I have a different suggestion. What if the One who created our brains deliberately designed them so that we would have this "spiritual urge?" Think about it.

Brother Jackson,

I just saw one of your articles in the Family and Faith section of the Maryville Daily Times. I enjoyed your work and wanted to know if you have a website.

David in Cumberland County

Dear David,

No, I don't have a website. However, the website of the East Tennessee Creation Science Association does keep a full text record of each installment of my column. You can find them at: etcsa.org

Dear Dr. Jackson,

Okay then, if the flood happened 4000 years ago, where are the watermarks on the Pyramids? The Sphinx thing suggests an age of 10,000 years, so that's plausible, but the pyramids of Giza are 4000 years old. If that's when the flood occurred, how could the Pyramids have been built then too? Are mer-people, the survivor's of Atlantis responsible? They would be the only one's capable of underwater construction. Or could it be that the flood wasn't a global event, and is really a memory of a cataclysmic event in the Black Sea during prehistoric times that was passed down by survivors who migrated to the lands where similar myths developed. Maybe the earth is in fact 4.5 billion years old, and that God made evolution, and that evolution is His tool for creation. If plants were created before the sun, how could they photosynthesize? The Sun doesn't revolve around the Earth does it? But, I could be wrong too. Enlighten me.

Chris in St. Louis, MO

Dear Chris,

I'll address your points in order:
  1. Most creationists believe that the pyramids are not as old as you think, but were built after the Flood.
  2. The Sphinx does indeed have water marks on it even though it's in the desert, so it's probably pre-Flood and is hard evidence for the Flood.
  3. I know of no creationists who believe in mer-people nor Atlantis.
  4. I personally suspect that the Black Sea flood was a small initial intrusion of the Great Flood, though most creation scientists do not think so.
  5. The "God used evolution" theory is a very common suggestion, with which I disagree. Those who say that the six days of creation in Genesis One really only symbolize eons of evolution, have a big problem with the plants. These "theistic evolutionists" have the plants waiting around for the sun for millions of years. Biblical literalists only have them waiting for only one day ... no problem.
  6. There seems to be an effort by evolutionists to make a link in peoples' minds between creationists and geocentrists (those who believe that the sun revolves around the earth) and flat-earthers. I know of no creationists who are geocentrists or who believe that the earth is flat.
Please ... don't believe everything that you hear about us creationists. We often attend evolution conferences such at the Darwin Day events held every year at UT. In conversations with our evolutionist counterparts, we found out they actually thought that we didn't believe in dinosaurs! Discussions and honest questions (like yours) are the way that we can all grow intellectually. Keep growing!

Dr. Glenn Jackson holds four degrees in science and education from George Mason University and University of Virginia. He has taught elementary through college level sciences for over twenty years and in four states. He is a lifetime member of both American Mensa and the Creation Research Society.

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