19 September 2001


by Dr. Glenn Jackson

"WHAT MADE THE FIRST LIGHT?" asks astronomer Paul Shapiro of University of Texas-Austin. The answer in Genesis is clear, but evolutionary astronomers still think it's a mystery. Calculations show that our galaxy could not hold together more than 250 thousand years. The 13 billion years that the Big Bang theory talks about is 52,000 times longer than that. You can see they have a problem. But their faith is strong enough to meet this challenge. They believe that galaxies are held together by mysterious objects called "dark matter" (US News & World Report, 9/10/01, p72). These things like "black holes" would have to make up 90% of the mass of the galaxy in order to supply the extra gravity. Even the discovery of neutrinos in space only takes care of a small fraction of the problem. You can't see or directly detect this dark matter. You just have to believe that it's there. That's faith.

"THE HUMAN FACE" is the title of a new book described as a "chronicle of the evolutionary origins of the face" (Science News, 9/01/01, p130). By using evolutionary theory, the authors claim that we can tell a real smile from a fake, tell how we judge beauty, and why we use the face to judge personalities. To hear some people talk, evolution can explain almost anything. When any single theory claims that kind of power ... that's called "tunnel vision" ... not science.

RESEARCHERS AT YALE University of School of Medicine (Science News, 9/01/01, p132) have found that in the womb, cells move from one place to another inside the human brain (Science News, 9/01/01, p132). That is science. They go on to say this shows the same changes that happened in adult humans as they evolved from ape-like creatures. That is not science. That is seeing everything from only one point of view. Evolutionists talk like everything we see in biology was caused by evolution. They can no longer think of any other ways to explain anything. I find this kind of thinking over and over among my evolutionary colleagues. If this were a religious discussion, we'd say that method of thinking was "dogmatic." This tunnel vision shows up more than most evolutionists are willing to admit.

And by the way, the idea that embryos go through the same stages as their ancestors did in evolution, began as a fake. Ernst Haeckel was put on trial at his own university over 120 years ago, and found guilty of fraud ... for faking his embryonic "evidence" for evolution (Science, 9/5/97, p1435). Copies of Haeckel's drawings are still in biology textbooks today ... anyway. The only explanation is that some authors just want students to believe a 100 year-old lie ... in order to help convince them that evolution is true.

"IT'S A CHICKEN-AND-EGG PUZZLE," says David Crews of University of Texas-Austin. How did we get all six of our hormone receptors while our hormones were still in the early stages of evolution? They say that it started way back in our, when we were still bottom-feeding fish that looked something like eels with suckers on our faces instead of having a mouth with a jaw that could open (Science News, 8/11/01, p95). Scientifically, I find that statement ridiculous. Crews says that this new theory opens up "a whole new way of doing evolutionary endocrinology." So to him, the study of hormones is now just one more topic that comes under the heading of evolution. See what I mean about tunnel vision? Keep thinking.

Dr. Glenn Jackson holds four degrees in science and education from George Mason University and University of Virginia. He has taught elementary through college level sciences for over twenty years and in four states. He is a lifetime member of both American Mensa and the Creation Research Society.

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