27 February 2002

POINTS OF ORIGINS: Molecular Monkeying Around

by Dr. Glenn Jackson

Prominent evolutionist Ian Tattersall has a new book out called "The Monkey in the Mirror: essays on the science of what makes us Human." The very title is an oxymoron, don't you think? The book talks about how evolution continues to experiment by making new species. I flatly challenge anyone to point out even one single new species that has arisen from a pre-existing one. What evolutionists call speciation, is really just genetic drift from the main family tree into an offshoot dead end. That's all it ever can be, if creation is true and evolution is false. Claims that these sort of events are wholesale evolution are tremendously exaggerated and spun way out of proportion. Ask anyone who knows, or read a textbook on the subject. You'll see.

This month researchers have created a thermometer one hundred times thinner than a human hair. They have also created a set of gears and pulleys the size of a single living cell. Forty years ago, a genius named Richard Feynman was laughed off the stage by an audience of so-called scientists, when he claimed that someday we would be able to create microscopic machines. Dr. Feynman is now heralded as an early prophet of our current technology. He was also quoted as saying that "Science is a long history of learning how not to fool ourselves." I firmly believe that Dr. Tattersall and his monkey friends need to revisit the genius of this fallen icon of the scientific community. Keep thinking. It'll drive the monkeys nuts.

Dr. Glenn Jackson holds four degrees in science and education from George Mason University and University of Virginia. He has taught elementary through college level sciences for over twenty years and in four states. He is a lifetime member of both American Mensa and the Creation Research Society.

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