5 March 2002


by Dr. Glenn Jackson

A new evolutionist book is called "A Fish Caught in Time: The Search for the Coelacanth." I find this whole topic as amusing as the birds-evolved-from-dinosaurs thing. I have noticed that one way that evolutionists use to gloss over their worst problems, is to talk about them in a way that makes other folks get the idea that this problem has already been solved. Watch what I mean.

In 1938 a fish was netted off the coast of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. It shocked the scientific world because, this was suppposed to be the fish that we ... evolved from! What was it doing flopping around in the sea alive ... today? Well, immediately the world's "experts" changed their minds and decided that one of the rhipidistian fishes must have been our beloved ancestor. Today, there are only two fossil candidates suggested by evolutionists, to be our scaley finned grandpappy. Those would be the icthyostega and acanthostega fish. They have bones in their fins, like the coelacanth. Evolutionists believe that our hands were once fish fins, so fish with bones in their fins these extinct fish are very attractive to our Darwinian friends when they are looking for our fossil ancestors. Well, both these fish have too many bones ... seven and eight, to be exact ... in their fins. Evolutionists themselves have troubles swallowing that fish tale, because of the "wrong" number of bones.

But wait, this gets better. Notice that the coelacanth has remained the same for a supposed 100 million years. That's pretty astonishing ... given the fact that another fish had to evolve during that same exact period of time ... into all land vertebrates. This means that while the coelacanth made no progress on the evolutionary scale, another fish that lived at the same exact time, went on to become ... frogs, velociraptors, pteradactyls, elephants, eagles, hummingbirds, pigs, whales, mice, humans, beagles, shrews, armadillos and giraffes. That's pretty amazing! What kind of "selection pressures" could possibly enter the wildest fantasies of an evolutionist, to explain this kind of a difference in the rate of change by evolution?

This is just one of the many fish stories that one must deliberately swallow, deny, or simply overlook in order to believe in evolution. I just don't have that kind of faith in mankind's ability to be correct in every theory that sounds good to some atheist looking for an excuse not to acknowledge their true Creator. Dr. Duane T. Gish once said, "It's unbelievable what unbelievers have to believe to be unbelievers." I'm with Gish. Evolution is the greatest urban myth of the 20th century. I predict that it will not make it very far into the 21st century. Keep thinking!

Dr. Glenn Jackson holds four degrees in science and education from George Mason University and University of Virginia. He has taught elementary through college level sciences for over twenty years and in four states. He is a lifetime member of both American Mensa and the Creation Research Society.

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