19 March 2002

POINTS OF ORIGINS: Were Neanderthals Numbskulls?

by Dr. Glenn Jackson

When most people think about the theory of evolution they usually think that cave men were like animals, and humans only got smart later. Well, why not think that way, if you believe that evolution is making us better all the time? The problem with that is -- the more we find out about our ancient ancestors, the more we find out that they were all really people, like us.

In October 2000, anthropologists reported that small statues had been found in the Czech Republic, Russia, and France, which they "say" are over 20,000 years old. They were surprised that the statues were wearing clothes and jewelry! I'm not surprised. People have been wearing clothes since Adam and Eve left the Garden of Eden only about 6000 years ago. And just this February, researchers found fossils that they "say" are 800,000 years old, which prove that humans have lived in village groups all this time -- not wandering around in the woods like wild animals.

Erik Trinkhaus, a world famous expert on Neanderthals, now says that we did not come from the Neanderthals, because they lived at the same with other humans. Last year, we found proof that Neanderthal tools were just as good as the tools made by other tribes of humans. We also have evidence that Neanderthals had religion. They buried their dead with flowers and other ceremonial objects. We have found animal bones carved by Neanderthals into musical flutes.

Monkeys have only a tiny nerve going from the brain to the mouth. That's why it's impossible for them to talk. All humans have a much larger hypoglossal nerve. When we look at Neanderthal skulls, we can see the hole for that nerve, and it's the same size as ours, so they weren't just big monkeys. They could talk. By the way, their skulls also show that their brains were actually bigger than ours.

Two years ago, we found a fossil in Spain that proves that Neanderthals bred with humans from other tribes and had children together with them. Neanderthals were not our ape-like ancestors. They were just a now-extinct group of humans, like the Aztecs of South America. Evolutionists can keep on searching for their "missing link" between man and monkey, but they'll have to cross Neanderthals off their list. Real science is proving that what we have always believed is true -- that the Book of Genesis in the Bible has been right all along. Don't let some Ph.D. tell you to relax while they do your thinking for you. Proverbs 15:2 says, "the wise useth knowledge aright." You keep on thinking for yourself.

Dr. Glenn Jackson holds four degrees in science and education from George Mason University and University of Virginia. He has taught elementary through college level sciences for over twenty years and in four states. He is a lifetime member of both American Mensa and the Creation Research Society.

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