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Links To Other Creation Science Related Web Sites

Note: While every attempt was made to review the sites, there is no way at this time to guarantee the Biblical doctrines of each host whose site is listed below. At the time of posting, the links were working. If you find any questionable doctrine, or broken links, please advise us by email .

Ken Ham, Answers In Genesis

Institute For Creation Research

Penn State University - Origins Club

The Revolution against Evolution

The Creation Research Society

Handy Dandy Evolution Refuter

Creation Studies Institute

Center for Creation Science


The Creation Science Center

Creation Science Research Center

Southern Minnesota Association for Creation

Creationism Connection

Creation Outreach

Apologia Educational Ministries

True Origin

The Darwin Wars

Design Creation Ministry

Creation Evidences Museum

Creation Studies Institute

The Creation Concept

Earth Science Associates , Dr. Robert Gentry

The Biotic Message

Science, Naturalism, and Origins

Internet Center For Creation Science

Creation Science Association of Alberta, Canada

Origins Resource Association

Triangle Association for Scientific Creation

Creation Information Ministries Web Site

Truth and Science Foundation

Creationary catastrophe interpretive tours at Grand Canyon.

The Creation Discovery Project

Creation Science Organization Germany Kuratorium Lebendige Vorwelt (Scheven)

Polish Creation Society Mieczyslaw Pajewski (Polish)

Understanding Orthodoxy , Kerby Rials, Russia

Australian Creation Research Web Site

Associates for Biblical Research

Origins Research , including Phillip Johnson, William Dembski, Stephen Meyer, Paul Nelson, Mark Hartwig and Michael Behe

American Portrait Films and Gillian Brown (Keziah). Producers of quality creationist videos and films.

Creation-Evolution Encyclopedia

The Creation Evolution Controversy Ross Taylor

Evolution - Blind Faith by Dan Russell

Eric's Infocenter - Eric Blievernicht

Bolton Davidheiser's Web Site

David Plaisted's Web Page

David Ihm's Web Site

Joseph T. Kennedy Creation Evangelist

Dr. Robert A. Herrmann Mathematician, Cosmologist

Malcolm Bowden's Home Page

Wayne Spencer's Creation Location

Ed Garrett's Home Page

Robert I. Bradshaw

Albert Zuidhof

NPC Company -offers Creation Science books

Absolute Real Knowledge For You

Southwest Australia University Origins

Sean Choi's Apologetics Website

The Science Research Foundation

Lambert Dolphin

Creation in the Crossfire

Resources for Public School Teachers